Hello, 2015.


Hello to my first post of 2015! I decided to take a break for a few weeks from blogging and now I am back πŸ™‚ I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! New year, new goals, new beginnings and I hope to continue to grow as a blog writer and bring you more interesting material.


I had the chance to visit my, what I call, first England trip to the beautiful city of Bristol over Christmas. The apartment I stayed in had a roof top view of the city centre, which was lovely. 5 days seemed very short but I was so glad to also visit Bath since it was only a 15-minute train journey. I didn’t do much shopping, although I managed a trip to TK Maxx on Boxing Day and scored a nice blue jumper and a sports bra hehe. Did lots of walking, which is always the best way to explore a city. Probably the best thing to do after stuffing my face at Christmas! Here are photos of my trip and I hope you’ll enjoy them. I’ll see you guys soon with my next post! xx




Roof top view from the apartment πŸ™‚





The iconic Clifton suspension bridge spanning the Avon Gorge and the River Avon.



I miss the afternoon walks in The Downs!





The Observatory Tower by the Clifton suspension bridge.



Outfit: Wool jumper, ZARA // Plaid Shirt, CHOIES // Pom hat, ZARA // Coat, H&M // Leather gloves, TOPSHOP



The Bath Abbey church in Bath, Somerset.











Outfit: Wool jumper, THRIFTED // Leggings, ZARA // Snood, PRIMARK //Coat, H&M.









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4 Responses to Hello, 2015.

  1. scarlett says:

    Awesome landscapes, love your outfit dear!


  2. It’s been a lovely holiday. I’ve never been to Bristol, but it looks like a really nice English town. I hope you enjoyed your stay in the UK!


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