If you’re reading this page, I would like to thank you for visiting my humble blog!

Fashion/Lifestyle Blog Writer & Jewelry Artist from sunny Singapore currently residing in beautiful Spain.

I started Random Chic Musings a few years ago when I moved here to rediscover my love for blogging. I am sure like a lot of bloggers out there, they didn’t just start with ONE blog. I have opened and closed a few and somehow have been sticking to this one the longest! Being here, in a country where everyone is so friendly, their laid-back lifestyle and rich culture has opened my eyes to many wonderful things. These help me find inspiration to write.

I have always been the creative kind, I loved Arts & Crafts in school. Nothing pleases me more than to be reunited with my creative side! I have learnt how to oil paint for the first time here. I never thought I could and it’s always good to try new things.

Love DIY very much. I do tutorials on the blog and share them with fashionistas like me who want to look stylish without having to break the bank! I make jewelry as a hobby and have a little Etsy shop where I sell my handmade pieces. Don’t forget to check it out and tell me what you think of them!

I am always open to new ideas and I would love to hear from you. Well, you’ll know how to get in touch!



Dille xoxo


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